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Off on a tangent — Fraser River Junction

October 25, 2011

The tangent to the west, shown from above in the preceding post, is shown here looking up. The signpost on the tower reads “Fraser River Jct.”  The gap in the trestle is the underpass for the unused spur loop to a wharf, sheds and log-dump on the Fraser River at Brownsville Bar.

Old spur subway at Fraser River Junction Fraser River Junction Signal Tower
Unused rail underpass on west tangent of Fraser River Bridge as it passes under the Pattullo Bridge. Signal tower,  west tangent, Fraser River Junction.

East Tangent, Fraser River Bridge

The eastern tangent to Fraser River Bridge was used by the Great Northern, the Canadian Northern and nowadays the Canadian National Railway.

Fraser Bridge - eastern tangent
The east approach to Fraser River Bridge with Pattullo Bridge and the Skytrain bridge in the background.  Before the Pattullo Bridge was completed in 1937, a road from this point  led up onto the top deck of the rail bridge.
CN freight cars leaving Fraser Bridge

Eastbound CN freight train leaving Fraser River Bridge.

Fraser River Junction and Pattullo Bridge From the central, or southern approach to the Fraser River Bridge, with the west approach on the left.
Fraser River Bridge Pilings What’s holding up the tracks, strong pilings at Fraser River Junction.
Approach congestion at Fraser River Junction Support network at Fraser River Junction. Shown are Pattullo Bridge concrete pillars,  the centre or south approach trestle, with the west approach behind, and in the distance the Skybridge.
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