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Peterson Hill – then and now

December 14, 2011

The billboards on Peterson Hill were photographed in about 1931 and three of the locations are still in use in 2011.  (These old photos are part of a collection at the Vancouver Archives. See earlier post.)

The bottom of Peterson Hill

The two photos below show the billboard on the bend at the base of the hill. The 2011 view is taken from the old highway.   The highway was realigned and widened in 1937, smoothing out the curves.  The Skytrain guideway follows the highway up the hill from this point.

Pacific Highway view south to base of Peterson Hill Billboard at foot of Peterson Hill

Billboard at the foot of Peterson Hill on the King George Highway

The upper curve on Peterson Hill

These two photos show the billboards on the north-east side of the highway on the upper curve. The 1931 shot is from further uphill.  When the highway was realigned a few years after that shot, the billboards remained in location on the old road, set back from the roadway, as shown in the photo from 2011.

Pacific Highway view north down Peterson Hill Peterson Hill billboard 1

Two billboards on the upper curve on Peterson Hill

The lower billboard, a very effective location now partly obscured, was for many years occupied with a photo of pipe-smoking realtor Jeff Stephenson.

  Peterson Hill billboard 2

Old Road Curve — A rest-stop

The orphaned portion of highway on the old curve is a pretty park-like setting, as shown also from across the highway, below.

  Peterson Hill old road curve

The old road curve on Peterson Hill.

Although there is no access by auto, the bend has the feel of a rest-stop on the old highways of the province of British Columbia.

The original pavement,  still visible a few years ago, is now mostly grown over or dumped on.  Along the margins are some interesting old trees, as well as the utility poles, standing in their  places on the edge of the old road.

  Peterson Hill -The old road

Peterson Hill – The Old Road

The location is  of geological interest for the variety of shells found in diggings here, oft mentioned in literature over the years.  When the townhouses were built a few years ago, this material was again exposed in dumped heaps at the upper end of the park.

At the side of the old road there once stood a large building, foundations of which still remain.

BingMap views of Peterson Hill showing billboard locations

The aerial views below  are linked to BingMaps.

  BingMapPhoto Peterson Hill billboards


BingMap photo Peterson Hill  
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