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The New Yale Road at Brownsville, 1910

December 14, 2011

A new grade of the Yale Road at Brownsville was adopted in 1909. The route cut off from the Bridge Road, taking a left turn at Johnny Wise’s Hotel.  It ran eastward along the line of 112 Avenue before winding up the Brownsville Hill and heading south on the line of 136 Street to where it met the existing route of the Yale Road.

Wise's Hotel and Gas Station on Bridge Road 1904-1936 -VPL View of construction on the Pattullo Bridge in 1936 prior to the demolition of  the old Clarendon Hotel established by Johnny Wise on the Bridge Road in 1904.
The New Yale Road departed the Bridge Road between the underpass and the Hotel.
The Gas Station shown was built later, on the corner. –Vancouver Public Library photo

A view of Johnny Wise’s Hotel on the Bridge Road

This improved grade was dubbed the “New Yale Road” and the old route from Brownsville Wharf — which included a very steep section from the flats up to the Kwantlen Reserve — was relegated to being called “the Old Yale Road,” which it remains to this day. The new route avoided the hazard of a level crossing where the suburban trains of the British Columbia Electric Railway would pass over the Yale Road near the base of the hill.

During construction of the new road, gravel was extracted from a pit on the hill and used to cover a layer of cedar puncheon laid down on the boggy portions between the bridge and the hill.  The New Yale Road from the bridge cut-off was completed in the first week of July 1910.

Westminster Bridge  approaches map

Road approaches to Westminster Bridge showing alignment of New Yale Road.

Westminster Bridge approaches 2011

Westminster Bridge and Pattullo Bridge approaches – 2010

src map Cosmos

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