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The Yale Road to 1904

December 14, 2011

The Yale Road from Brown’s Landing, since 1874 the main road to the Interior, was also an important settlement corridor and outlet for produce.

Of the first 20 miles, from Brownsville through Langley to Shortreed’s, the Department of Public Works reported:

“This road is very much travelled, a large amount of freight being hauled over it annually. On both sides of the road, extending some miles north and south, it is settled, there being at least 260 families. There are 5 post offices. Produce raised comprises cattle, sheep, poultry, fruit, butter, eggs, etc.”

Roads leading from the Yale Road were important in their own right, notably the Hall’s Prairie Road (184 St), off-shooting south from the Yale Road past Cloverdale:

“There are 3 post offices, 3 schools, 2 stores, 2 shingle mills and several logging camps and hotels along its line.”

Valley farmers heading to market at New Westminster along the Yale Road, after passing through the “Green Timber,” descended the steep Brownsville Hill to the ferry landing for transport across the Fraser River.   A bridge across the Fraser River was under construction in 1902 and upon its completion in late 1904 traffic patterns at Brownsville would be forever changed.

Old Yale Road The Surrey -  Old Ferry on Fraser River

Yale Road

Fraser River Ferry Surrey

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