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Captain Reuben Purdy

March 13, 2012

More information about Capt. Purdy of the Fraser River ferry Surrey was found in the Columbian newspaper, including this photo, said to have been taken when Purdy was captain of the Austriana, during his Atlantic sailing career.

  Capt R Purdy  

Captain Purdy


This Columbian article states that Purdy was born in 1844 and was first in command of a vessel at the age of 18.  The Ship Information Database lists the following vessels he commanded while  engaged in the Atlantic, East Indies and  West Indies trade:  Asiana,  Victoria, Amity, Bel Stewart, Albula,  and Austriana.

Retiring from the high seas in 1890 he came out west to New Westminster.  He was master of a number of river and coastal vessels, including the  tug Halifax and the river steamer Stranger, before taking command as the last captain of the river ferry Surrey.

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