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Big and Long –The Timberland Specialty

May 12, 2012

Timberland sawmill on Fraser River became famous for producing outsized sticks of timber for special projects, ranging from 85 to 110 feet in length requiring multiple flatcars to transport by rail.

Timberland Lumber sticks on rail, 1925 - Van Archives photo

Timberland Lumber sticks overlapping flatcars of the Canadian Pacific Railway  –Van. Archives

Joe Inkster had been impressed with the size of the logs they were sending over from Ladysmith.

“. . .an order came in for some long logs required for the Great Lakes in Eastern Canada. The log order specified that they be 90 feet or longer, 28 inches at the butt with a 10-inch top. . . .”
“Many, many of these logs averaged 120-140 feet long. One special one that I will never forget, was 165 feet long, with a 26-inch butt and 10 inches at the top. It was amazing the splendid job the fallers did in dropping so many trees that long without breaking them.”
-Ladysmith’s Colourful History, by V. Johnson-Cull and A Mawson

One of the early contracts for the new Timberland mill was the supply of 12 inch by 24 inch beams for the lock gates of the Rideau Canal.

Long timbers produced for shipment overseas attracted a steady flow of ocean-going freighters to the Fraser River wharf. The strong fir beams were put to use in factories, mines and bridges.

timberland big and long Timberland Lumber Co 1930 advert

Big and Long – A typical Timberland advertisement

Timberland Lumber Co Ltd – 1930

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