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Marketing Timberland Lumber

May 12, 2012

In 1921 JG Robson, President, and PE Murphy, Mill Production Manager, were joined by JG’s brother Alexander T Robson, in the capacity of Sales Manager of Timberland Lumber Company. AT Robson had long served on the board of directors and until joining Timberland had been the manager of Associated Mills, the marketing arm of seven west coast mills.

Timberland in city directory
Timberland Lumber Co. Managers

By 1922 the mill put on a second shift at night, with an output of 250,000 feet daily through the next 20 years.


Timberland - Our New Timber Mill

Timberland Lumber Company, Limited – Mills at South Westminster on B. C. E. R.

Promoting the BC timber industry – Seaboard Lumber Sales

In May 1928 Timberland Lumber Company joined with a dozen other British Columbia lumber producers in forming a marketing company to promote and sell BC lumber into the east coast cities of the United States. They called the company Seaboard Lumber Sales. JG Robson was a director for more than 20 years, as the company extended its efforts into the UK and other overseas markets. Robson served for seven years as President of the British Columbia Lumber Manufacturers’ Association between 1928 and 1940, and performed like service for the BC arm of the Canadian Manufacturers’ Association. He promoted BC forest products on trade delegations to Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Seaboard Lumber Sales

Seaboard Lumber Sales – Marine Building – Vancouver

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