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Mayflower II–The Timberland Contribution

May 12, 2012

Timberland mast and spars for the ship Mayflower II

In 1956 the Mayflower II, a replica of the original Pilgrim vessel, was fitted up with a 75-foot Douglas fir mast and spars sent to England by the Timberland Lumber Company of South Westminster, BC
An exception to historical accuracy—the originals likely were Baltic pine—Douglas fir was chosen for its superior strength and reliability.
Mayflower II - UP photo
Mayflower II outfitted with masts from Timberland Lumber Company –UP photo

The Mayflower II is a permanent exhibit at the Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, MA.

A close-up look at the spars undergoing maintenance can be found at the Mayflower II Captain’s Blog. Captain's Blog - Plimoth Plantation

Our wood there; their wood here — Mayflower connections

This connection to the  Mayflower on the northern boundary of Surrey at Fraser River, is matched on the city’s southern boundary at the 49th parallel. A timber said to be from the original Mayflower is included in a chest enclosed in the Peace Arch at the United States border crossing.

Relics of the Beaver and the Mayflower

Relics of the steamer Beaver and the Mayflower are in a vault in the Peace Arch.

Shown here displayed on the steps of the Legislature in Victoria –Colonist photo

The piece of wood was cut from a beam at the “Mayflower Barn” at Jordans, Buckinghamshire, England by Samuel Hill on February 12, 1921.    Present at the ceremony was FC Wade, Agent-General in London for British Columbia,  who remarked:

Having performed so great a service to humanity, this tiny craft, after a sleep of centuries, essays another task even more important, the establishment of eternal peace between Great Britain and America, the two great peoples of the English speaking world . . .
This fragment will be embedded in the Peace Arch erected on the international boundary between Canada and the United States of America. The message which it will carry across the seas is an ardent prayer that perfect peace which passeth all understanding may forever hereafter endure, the priceless blessing of the English Speaking race.

The timber relic of the Mayflower was placed in the Peace Arch by Samuel Hill during a ceremony on September 6, 1921.

Jordans - Mayflower - Barn -  httpg.comapsrj52f     Peace Arch  - BingMap link

Mayflower Barn – Google Streetview link

Peace Arch – Bing Map link

The acquisition of the Mayflower relic, its subsequent travels to the continent of Europe, and its arrival in Victoria were documented on film for Sam Hill by dancer Loie Fuller, a close friend.

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