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Timberland Fraser River Booming Grounds

May 12, 2012

In November 1928 Robson served notice that Timberland would expand its operations on Fraser River at South Westminster along the frontage of Lots 7 and 8, Group 2, for the purpose of “a booming holding and sorting ground for logs.”

This was necessitated because Timberland had nearly exhausted the supply of trees from its timber limits on Vancouver Island. Robson would close the Ladysmith logging camp and booming grounds at the end of 1929 and announce that Timberland would henceforth purchase logs on the open market.

Booming grounds of Timberland Lumber Company mill on Fraser River, 1918
–Canada Lumberman photo
Log booms on Fraser River at Timberland sawmill
Log boom on Fraser River at Timberland – The sawmill expanded operations in the 1920’s
-This stock photo of the mill appeared in the Surrey Gazette and other publications.

Old Timberland booming grounds on Fraser River- downriver from Manson Canal,2011

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