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Timberland Lumber Co – “Mills at Craigs”

May 12, 2012

With logging operations and a mill at Craig Station, JG Robson maintained a business office on Columbia Street, New Westminster, also his place of residence since getting married. Robson was a member of the New Westminster Board of Trade.

Timberland Lumber Co - Craigs -  BCER_thumb

Timberland Lumber Co., Limited — Mills at Craigs on the B.C.E.R

Timberland Lumber logging operations and  milling at Craig Station continued apace during the years of the First World War.  A considerable portion of the mill’s output was directed to serve the needs of the shipbuilding industry.

In 1915 it was reported—

-Timberland Lumber Co., of New Westminster, has added a large block of old growth timber to its holdings in the lower Fraser valley. It will extend its logging railway to the new limit.

Another accident claimed a man’s life at “Craig BC” in the summer of 1915.

Killed in Camp

Logger is Victim of Fatal Accident When Cable Snaps

New Westminster, July 14. — H. Shapcot, aged 30, single, was so seriously hurt this morning at the camp of the Timberland Lumber Co. that he died on his way to the hospital. With others he was lowering a gin pole when the heavy wire cable which supported the pole snapped and wrapped itself about his head. His skull was fractured. He has relatives in England. Columbian

His full name was Henry Hodgson Shapcott (also given as Harry Shepcott) and his age was 33.

In September 1916 a shooting near the camp of the Timberland Lumber Company was recorded as yet another accidental death at “Craig, BC,” this time involving the mill superintendent.

Swede Logger Shot For Bear

John Bruckstrom Victim of Hunter’s Mistake in Surrey Woods

Shot by Paul Murphy

John Bruckstrom, a Swede faller, employed at King’s mill, Surrey, was shot and killed on Saturday evening by Mr. Paul E. Murphy, superintendent of the Timberland Lumber Company’s mill at Craig, who was out hunting and in the semi-dark mistook Bruckstrom for a bear cub. The victim of the accident was also hunting, and was lying in wait well up the trunks of a fallen tree which was wedged between two others and lay at an angle of 45 degrees. . .

The MB King Lumber Company was logging timber limits adjacent to those of Timberland Lumber. Bruckstrom’s name is officially recorded as Janas Anselm Backstrom, also called Jonas Backstrom. He was 39 years old, single, and a native of Sweden. An inquest returned a verdict of accidental death. Both men had been out hunting for deer. After Murphy shot,

Bruckstrom gave an inarticulate cry, and ran down the trunk. Murphy then went back to the camp, and asked the men there what sort of a sound a wounded bear would make. The reason he did not go to his fallen quarry was because he thought he had wounded a bear and that it would be dangerous going after him in the brush and weeds.

By 1917 the Timberland Lumber Company was running out of forest to cut in the Bear Creek watershed, and JG Robson made plans to move his mill to the Fraser River, where logs could be floated in from the coast.

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