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Working at Timberland Lumber mill

May 12, 2012

To the credit of PE Murphy, Timberland had early developed a heightened consciousness of safety issues. Equipment was modified to provide for protection, bonuses were paid to ensure safe practices and the company provided group insurance for its workers.

The Timberland mill was an important source of cash income for many new immigrants in Surrey, enabling them to raise a stake to buy land and build up a farm.

Tsunehachi Hoshiki worked in the mill, first at Craig’s and later when the sawmill moved to Fraser River. After he bought land in 1922 at South Port Mann on the newly-paved Pacific Highway (at present-day City Centre), his daily commute to the sawmill on bicycle was a lot easier. It would have been quite a thrill riding the ribbon of concrete, curving down Peterson Hill to the flats

“Sometimes he and Mr. Sassa raced each other on their bicycles as they went to work at Timberland. Time for play was rare since there was always a lot of work to do on the farm.” -Michael Hoshiko, Who Was Who – Pioneer Japanese Families in Delta and Surrey Pacific Highway view north to base of Peterson Hill_thumb[4]

Peterson Hill on Pacific Highway – Vancouver Archives photo

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