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Line of View– Bridge to Yale Road – 1902

July 2, 2012

This  spectacular  view is of the old Indian Reserve on Fraser River, with  the Roman Catholic Church and neighbouring  houses nestled amongst the trees. In the background, perched near the top of the hill on Yale Road, is the Brownsville School. Prominent in the foreground is the landmark cottonwood tree.

Indian Reserve & Brownsville Hill - July 1902

View of the old Indian Reserves on the line of view of the Fraser River Bridge,  1902.

The view  is one of a series, available online at the Vancouver Archives, showing the Fraser River railway bridge in stages of construction. Work on the bridge connecting New Westminster with the Great Northern Railway at Brownsville began  in 1902.   From 1891 until the bridge was opened in 1904, Brownsville was the northern terminus of the railway from  Seattle.

It appears the slope of the hill to the north, below the roadside, was less severe than at present.  A great deal of gravel was removed from the hillside and used to fill in the bog on the flats when the Pacific Highway was built in 1920, leaving the hillside susceptible to slides.  The site of the school is now  pitched rather precariously on the edge of a precipice.

The photo below is the same view taken after the start of bridge construction on a wintery day in March 1903,  the  hillside dusted  with snow.

Indian Reserve  & Brownsville School - March 1903

Line of View of Fraser River Bridge to South Side of Fraser River – Indian Reserve and Brown’s Hill – 1903

Just below the Brownsville School, along the Yale Road, can be seen a barn and house, as seen in the close-up below.

Line of View detail - Brownsville School on Yale Road hill

Detail view of Brownsville School, barn and house on Yale Road, 1903

The map below shows the line of view of the photographs documenting the construction of the New Westminster Bridge. Nowadays the two bridges obscure this view.

Line of View - New Westminster Bridge - Link to Bingmap

Rock On

“The clerk to request Mr. Sprott, government road inspector, to take such action as will prevent persons from placing and leaving rocks, or other obstructions, on Brown’s or other hills on the trunk roads.” Rock on Yale Road hill

Proceedings of Surrey Council meeting of July 27, 1889 as reported in the Mainland Guardian.

Large rock on Brown’s hill on the old Yale Road.

A large rock occupied a place on the Old Yale Road on Brown’s hill a couple of years ago. It was dug up during road work and was eventually taken away.

The location of the rock is interesting as it was at the site of the old house and barn, just down the road from the site of the old Brownsville School.

Map detail of Yale Road hill - 1908

1908 survey map of hill on Yale Road and Brownsville School

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