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Hugh McRoberts’ city farm

October 3, 2012

An update to the post about Hugh McRoberts.   His farm in the City of New Westminster was located in lots 7 and 8 in Block 12, Suburban Lands,  on the west side  of the city.  Considerably down-sized from his Richmond property, where he owned more than 1500 acres,  this 30-acre plot was home base for a small herd of cows supplying milk for McRoberts’ milk route in the city.  As seen from his diary, the cows ranged freely down by the river in the direction of  “Rosehill” farm,  Lot 173.   Winter fodder of hay and mangolds, a kind of turnip, was obtained from the island farms near the river’s mouth. McRoberts and wife Mary had one hired-hand to assist them.

  New Westminster & Brownsville 1876  

  McRoberts’ farm lay between 8th Ave and 10th Ave, 14th Street and 16th Street in New Westminster.
McRoberts’ Brownsville property at 104 Avenue and 128 Street.
Click map link to BingMaps.
  Hugh McRoberts' farm map link
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