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Gastown – Granville Townsite Map

November 22, 2012

This is a map of properties sold at the first auction of lots at Gastown, called Granville Townsite, in  April 1870.

Edward Stamp started up his mill on a point just east of there in 1867 and John “Gassy Jack” Deighton set up a saloon at this spot to provision the workers.  When the townsite was surveyed, Gassy Jack found his saloon was located in the middle of a street. He purchased the lot adjacent and moved his business there. Next but one to Deighton’s saloon, wine and spirit merchant Ebenezer Brown purchased the site of his establishment.   Brown had previously bought lots at Hastings Townsite  in 1869.  Deighton’s and Brown’s lots faced the waterfront.  Trader Gregorio Fernandez was the only other buyer, selecting a lot that extended onto the shore.

*New Google Map – Link updated 2015-07-23

Gastown & Granville Townsite Map

This map also shows names of owners and property assessment values for 1880, an indication of the size of the town before the arrival of the railway. The map opens in GoogleMaps for modern context. Property lines are approximate.

Property owners included are Ebenezer Brown, John Deighton, Gregorio Fernandez, H V Edmonds, Louis Gold, Joseph Manion, George Black, Maximillien Michaud, Alexander McCrimmon, George Brew, P Sullivan, Sullivan & Gold, John A Robertson, Wm. R Lewis, Angus Fraser, Edward McKendry, Charles Paul, Jonathan Miller, Alex McClennan, Alex Johnston, Charles Caldwell, Fisher & Mowat, George    Black, J McArthur, R H Alexander, W J McDonald, G R Hamilton, Elizabeth K Black, C G Major and Arthur Churton.

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