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Hastings Townsite Map

November 22, 2012

This map shows properties which were sold at first auction of  town lots at Hastings Townsite in 1869.     Only seven lots were sold at the auction. Purchasers were hotelier Maximillen Michaud, wine and spirit merchant Ebenezer Brown and stage operator William R Lewis.

Oliver M. Hocking had built a hotel here, on leased land,  when the Douglas Road was completed from New Westminster to Burrard Inlet in 1865.  Max Michaud purchased Hocking’s hotel in March 1869 and renamed it the Hastings Hotel. 

This sale predated an similar auction of town lots at Gastown, called Granville Townsite, in 1870, where Ebenezer Brown also purchased property. These townsites are the origins of the City of Vancouver. 

The map also shows property ownership in 1880 as per the tax roll. The map opens in Google Maps for viewing in modern context.

Hastings Townsite Map   Property owners included are Maximillien Michaud, Jane Clarkson, T G Moody, George Black, James McArthur, W R Lewis, Geo. Clarkson Estate, C G Major, Ebenezer Brown, Moody Nelson & Co., John Thompson, Moodyville Saw Mill Co., George Clarkson estate, Vincent Lorenzo, W A Jones, W Norman Bole, Henry Elliot, George Armstrong, A McIntyre, Jaques & Fernihough.

Map link changed from Classic Google Maps to new Google Map, 2015-03-21.

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