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Correction and Information

June 8, 2013

Thank you to John McDonald, who pointed out a while ago that the Fraser River Brickworks at McAdam Creek — Found Brick Bonds —  was not in the old pre-emption of James Kennedy at Lot 15, Group 2, but in the adjacent Lot 16, originally the claim of Sappers Howell and Duffy.   He points out there are three ravines nearby in  this locality, one of which was the starting point for  The Kennedy Trail.  In a post coming soon we will return to a discussion of early trails, settler-built and contracted.

As to the more recent question as to the identity of the landmark tree at the south end of the Fraser River Bridge,   thanks to “Redacteur”  for the information that it is likely a “black cottonwood” of about 70 years growth.  “They’re fairly common and grow very fast,  although not as fast as alders.”  One would think they can survive high water or would not last too many seasons on the riverbank here.

The age of the black cottonwood ties in nicely with the next post here,  as the tree was probably just a sapling in 1841, when the USS Porpoise passed  upriver.

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