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New Westminster & Yale Map, 1914 – Surrey

February 27, 2014

1914 New Westminster & Yale Map - Surrey

This map is a small section, depicting Surrey Municipality, from the larger general map entitled New Westminster & Yale.

Of all the maps that are published there are none that satisfy completely.  Some features are missing that you wish were there, some features included that are of no use.  Maps are a product of their time and the priorities of the mapmaker. Out-dated features are slow to be removed and important new features not always added.  Publishers of maps sometimes included errors intentionally, as their own mark of distinction.

Of many general maps of the lower mainland down the years, this is one of the best. Dated 1914 it is clearly from the railway age in the Fraser Valley.  Yet the right roads are included too, and most of the places featured are those that are noteworthy. 

This map identifies Tree Island – a tiny island with a long history on maps of the Fraser River – and it has Port Mann in the right scale, a place with a short history, but important for the time.  There is the New Yale Road or Pacific Highway leading from the Fraser River Bridge, and the Old Yale Road from the landing.  At the junction where these roads become one, is the former Timberland Post Office, lately renamed South Port Mann.

At the southern end of the municipality,  fractured sections of the Semiahmoo Road are still in use, but overtaken in importance by other routes. When the department of highways decided to build a new route northward – to be the Peace Arch Highway – White Rock area politicians lobbied to have the highway follow the beachfront road around the horn past Ocean Park and Crescent, the better to serve local business.

The New Westminster And Yale  map was published in 1914 by the British Columbia Department of Lands. Honourable William R Ross, Minister. G Herbert Dawson, Surveyor – General. GG Aitken, Chief Geographer. Scale is 4 miles to 1 inch.

The entire map cannot be shown here, but an extended section appears below.

1914 New Westminster & Yale map - Fraser Valley




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