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City Gate on Scott Road

February 28, 2014

Google streetview pictureAnyone who has commuted via Scott Road to the Pattullo Bridge knows this facility, situated beside the railway tracks.
It is called City Gate and it looks a bit different than when it first began to function in 1956, receiving gas through the main trunk line from the US border for distribution to lower mainland neighborhoods.

City Gate on BCER at  Scott Road - Air view looking south east


Natural Gas Starts Flow To Royal City

New Westminster –

B.C. Electric engineers today started bringing natural gas from the U.S.-Canadian border at Huntingdon into the city gate at the south end of Pattullo Bridge.

Flow of the fuel into New Westminster gas mains will begin at 4 a.m. Wednesday and switch-over from manufactured to natural gas will be completed by 7 a.m. company officials said. Vancouver Sun, November 6, 1956.


City gate, or citygate, is a generic term used to designate such a facility.
"Citygate – A point or measuring station at which a distributing gas utility receives gas from a natural gas pipeline company or transmission system." -Definition from the US Energy Information Administration.
Natural gas in Washington state was obtained from the Rocky Mountains and flowed north, crossing the border at Sumas-Huntingdon.  Apart from the change in the facility, the railroad looks much the same as it did it 1956. The view in the previous post was looking down the railway toward this citygate.
From the background of the press photo, it appears the hillside below the Old Yale Road was quite bare of trees at the time.

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