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Timber by rail

February 28, 2014

Brownsville siding on the BCER

The Timberland Lumber Company mill on Fraser River was conveniently situated nearby the Canadian National Railway and the Great Northern Railway, but shipped its timbers via the British Columbia Electric Railway.

The siding from Timberland, coming in on the lower right tangent,  joined the Brownsville siding at this point, then the mainline of BCER  in the distance,  in this view to the south.

The BCER served mills along its route through Kennedy, Newton, Sullivan and so on, through Langley and Abbotsford.  The transhipment point to the Canadian National Railway was at Chilliwack.



Timberland - 16 inch barge timbers - 100 feet long

Timberland Lumber Company timbers were too long for one flat car on the British Columbia Electric Railway.Timberland Lumber Co shipment by rail - 1923







Timberland Lumber sticks on rail - 1925








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