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E.B. Ingebrigtsen–An opening in the woods

March 15, 2014

Edward Berentin Ingebrigtsen (1885)  –  Section 26, B5N R2W – Brownsville BC

Edward Berentin Ingebrigtsen, a native of Norway,  came to Canada in 1883 and settled on Section 26 at  Brownsville in June 1885.
He was 26 years old and single.
He built a good sized house for himself, 22 feet square,  a barn 10 by 20 feet, and a hay shed.
By 1890, he had three and a half acres under plough and six acres partially cleared.  He had done some ditching and fencing and had two wells dug.
Edward B Ingebrigtsen mapHe had cultivated 45 fruit trees.
John Douglas, who vouched for Ingebrigtsen, stated:
“He has now 3 acres well cleared and cultivated and 5 acres partly cleared. It is a meadow and has been partly ditched – done from time  to time since settlement. He has now one cow & 3 pigs.”
Ingebrigtsen was sometimes absent from the homestead for fishing on Fraser River.
Also vouching for him was Nils Sandell, who had known him “6 years at Brownsville.”
“He has now 3 1/2 acres in crop.”
What became of Edward Berentin Ingebrigtsen is not known.

Edward Ingebrigtsen

According the census record, a second Edward Ingebrigtsen was living at Brownsville in 1901.  The name was also written Engebregtsen, Engebretsen, Engebreghtsen and Ingebrightsen.
This Edward Ingebrigtsen came to Canada in 1890 and was naturalized in 1894.
He was married to Laura Larsen who came to Canada from Norway in 1894.
Edward Ingebrigtsen, born October 20, 1859 Norway, died Feb 14, 1905. A funeral was held at the Lutheran hall, Sixth street New Westminster.
“The remains were followed to the Oddfellows’ cemetery by a large number of friends.”
The widowed Laura Ingebrigtsen born Feb 28, 1861 Norway remarried to RD Tisdale in 1906.  She died in 1948 at New Westminster. A brother John Larsen resided at South Westminster.

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