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Nils Christian Hjorth–his first homestead

March 15, 2014

Nils Christian Hjorth (1884) Section 24,  B5N R2W – Brownsville BC

Nils Christian Hjorth took up land at Brownsville in May 1884.
A single man, he was 35 years old.   He was naturalized a citizen in July the same year.
By the time of his patent application in 1888, he had a house 24 feet by 18 feet, a stable, hay shed, chicken shed and wood shed.
He kept a couple of hogs, a bull and 16 chickens.
A log house, 24 by 35 feet was partly built.
One acre around his house was picket-fenced and he had done extensive ditching.
He had three wells dug and had 100 fruit trees.
He had 10 acres of meadowland cleared  — “done by hired man” according to John Douglas.
Nils Hjorth mapWhen absent from the homestead Hjorth worked in Vancouver carpentering and logging.
Vouching for Nils Hjorth were James Punch, Hotel Keeper of Brownsville, and John Douglas.
Hjorth also vouched for John Douglas on his land application.
NC Hjorth was featured  in a more extensive biography posted in December 2012,  “Nils Christian Hjorth.”

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