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James Prestidge

March 16, 2014

James Prestidge (1887) Section 33, B5N R1W.

James Prestidge took up section 33, in range 1, west of the coast meridian,  at the beginning of May, 1887.
Prestidge was an Englishman, single, and 35 years of age.
Over the next five years he developed a homestead, but was often away working for wages in New Westminster.
James Prestidge mapPrestidge did not claim much for himself in the way of improvements.
He declared he had cleared and broken only 3 acres, on which he had planted 47 fruit trees.
He had a rail fence enclosing 7 acres and had dug 112 rods of ditching.
Prestidge’s house measured 16 by 12 feet.
He also had a barn 18 by 12, but no livestock.
John Douglas, who had known Prestidge since September 1886, assessed his improvements to also include a 12 by 14 foot cabin and an additional 3 acres slashed, and berry bushes under cultivation.
At the time of the 1891 census,  Olai Espeland,22, a Swedish farm laborer, was living with Prestidge.
Neighbor Sydney Smith arrived in 1889 and had known Prestidge since that time.  He noted that Prestidge had also built a woodshed, dug a 10-foot deep well,  and his berry bushes numbered 24.
James Prestidge does not appear to have remained in the district after receiving his crown grant.

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