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Ole John Nilson Brudvik

March 16, 2014

Ole John Nilson Brudvik (1888) Section 30, B5N R1W.

Ole John Nilson Brudvik settled on a portion of Section 30 B5N R1W, the north 30 chains, in September 1888.  He was  24 years of age and single, a native of Norway.
According to his biography in Whiteside’s Surrey Pioneers, Brudvik was the name of the village in Norway where he was born in 1864, and in Canada Ole Johan Nilson became known as Ole John Nilson Brudvik.
In the years he was establishing his homestead, Brudvik was often away working in Vancouver or fishing on the Fraser River.
By 1892 he had “two acres under cultivation also two acres logged up; also 2 acres slashed & cut.”
OJN Brudvick mapFrom ploughed acreage he had a crop every year since 1889.  His orchard contained “51 fruit trees and 96 grape and currant bushes.”
He had erected about 30 rods of rail fence.
He kept no livestock.
Brudvik built two houses. The first one, put up in February 1889,  measured 14 by 20 feet with an addition framed up of the same dimensions.
A second large house was two storeys high, built of “hewed log timber” and  measured 22 by 36 feet.
He built a barn 10 x 16 feet and a chicken house.
He had dug a well to a depth of 20 feet.
WC Bournes, who resided on the adjoining 160 acre section, vouched for Brudvik’s occupation of this property.
Anton Klavanes, who lived 1 1/2 miles west of Brudvik in Section 22,  noted Brudvik, with two good houses,  had lived by himself on his homestead.
In 1893 OJN Brudvik was married to Kari Johannesen, also born in Brudvik, Norway. The wedding took place at Annieville, down the river from Brownsville.
The Brudviks had a number of children born at Brownsville before they sold the property at the height of the real estate market in 1910 and moved to New Westminster.
Ole John Nilson Brudvik born 1862-02-20 in Norway, died 1933-06-27.  Kari Brudvik born 1874-05-28 Norway, died in 1956.
The family name was sometimes written in other ways, such as Brodwick.

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