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Sydney Smith – within walking distance

March 16, 2014

Sydney Smith (1889) Section 22, B5N R1W.

Sydney Smith laid claim to Section 22, B5N R1W in April 1889. He was 35 years of age, an immigrant from England.
Smith built a small cabin and in October was joined by his English wife Mary Ann and infant son John William Smith.
Sydney Smith mapBy the following year, the Smith’s had cleared and planted one acre, and the year after another 1 1/2 acres.  In 1892 they had two acres under cultivation.
They built a larger house, measuring 16 by 24 feet.
A total of 5 acres was cleared and another acre chopped.
Apart from a kitchen garden, they were growing 25 fruit trees and some berry bushes.
A small barn measured 14 x 16 feet.
Edward Ingebrigtsen, vouching for Smith’s claim, noted they had also built “80 rods board fence,” and dug a short length of ditching.
WC Bournes added that Smith had also an 8-foot deep well, and “a good road 1/2 mile made by himself.”
John Pearson, who wrote a short biography of Sydney Smith in Land of the Peace Arch, said:
“Their only son, John William, had to walk 9 miles a day for five years to the school at Brownsville.”
The Brownsville School at 128 Street and the old Yale Road  was 4 1/2 miles away.
Sydney Smith born May 19, 1854 died July 28, 1938
Mary Ann Smith born May 19, 1854 died November 17,1931.

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