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William Charles Bournes – first a kitchen

March 16, 2014

William Charles Bournes (1887)  Section 29,  B5N R1W.

William Charles Bournes  settled on Section 29 B5N R1W in the summer of 1887.  An immigrant from England, Bournes was 24 years of age and single.
His house, he stated, was built in stages:
“Kitchen in Sept. 1887 – and the house in addition April, May June 1888.”
The kitchen was 12 feet by 12 feet attached to a good-sized house measuring  21 by 19 feet.
Upon completing the house, Bournes was married in June 1888 to English-born Elizabeth Mallet.  A daughter was born in 1890.
WC Bournes mapBy 1891 Bournes had cleared a bit more than 4 acres, of which 3 1/2 acres was “well fenced,”  with  “2 acres in orchard and remainder in good order for cultivation.”
The orchard contained “90 large trees and 275 small  – small fruit” (berry bushes.)
Since a year after settlement Bournes kept  “a yoke of oxen, milch cow and calf.”
According to the statement of James Prestidge, who lived “within one mile” of the place, Bournes had  a chicken house, fenced off behind a high fence.
Bournes declared a  “small stable” which Prestidge said was 10 feet by 35 feet long.
Bournes had also done a large amount of draining and ditching and had dug two wells.
John Douglas, who lived “within 2 1/2 miles from his homestead,” stated that in addition to the 4 acres  cleared and fenced, Bournes had slashed another 3 acres, “piled up and ready for burning.”
“He has a garden. He had crop of vegetables &c every year.”
Elizabeth Bournes’ mother, Jane Mallet (1833-1896), obtained a patent to the adjoining section 32 which was bequeathed to Elizabeth Bournes in 1896.
William Charles Bournes born 1863-03-09 in England, died 1931-06-24.
Elizabeth Bournes born 1861-04-26 in  England, died 1934-10-25.

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