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Sherriff-Rose – A South Westminster subdivision plan

August 3, 2014

In 1911 realtors riding a crest of optimism  instilled by railway development and anticipated population growth, presented to the public numerous opportunities to buy town lots on former farm acreages in South Westminster. The Sherriff-Rose development of Section 25 in Block 5 North, Range 3 West, was one of those that have entirely disappeared from modern maps.

1911 Sherriff-Rose South Westminster subdivision key map

In this Key Map all of the roads leading to Vancouver are railways.

The lots of the subdivision are all 66 feet wide and 103 to 132 feet deep, with lanes at rear.  Two streets are named “MacKenzie” and “Mann,” referring to the builders of the Canadian Northern Railway and its Fraser River terminus city of Port Mann.

1911 Sherriff-Rose South Westminster subdivision plan

The  irregular shape of Section 25 had been determined by the Group 2 survey of 1861, that was superimposed over the 1859 Trutch township survey of blocks and ranges in order to maximize Fraser River frontages.

An earlier post described the difficulty of Sgt James Lindsay to get access to his land-locked Section 30 B5N R2W.  The Royal Engineer surveyors had overlooked providing road-allowances.

Ebenezer Brown, who owned Section 25 B5N R3W, as well as Section 19 B5N R2W, and three of the key Group 2 lots along the river, gave up room for a road from his properties, and even built the road to Lindsay’s section.  This determined the route of the later Scott road, evident to this day.

access road by Ebenezer Brown, 1863



A 1911 map published by the Dominion Illustrating company shows only an outline of the subdivision of Section 25.

South Westminster 1911 Dominion Illus Co map


O’Hara map of 1923 depicts the subdivision as per the Sherriff-Rose plan complete with roads and lanes.

(The dotted line on O’Hara’s map is the flood plain high-water mark.)


Section 25 B5N R3W subdivision 1923


Whose House?

Sherriff-Rose - 1911 subdivision South Westminster house

There was an existing house on the property in 1911 which was also up for sale. The location is shown on the Sherriff-Rose map as the “reserve” lot. It was located on the river side of Scott Road, roughly on a line with the end of 103A Avenue.

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