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Pacific Highway farm produce stand

October 18, 2014

This view of a farm stand on Peterson Hill is a favorite, capturing the quiet of a past era and the graceful bend of the Pacific Highway.

Pacific Highway - farmstand on Peterson hill

It’s from a collection of Pacific Highway views taken about 1931 and donated to the Vancouver Archives by Lawrence M. Bourne.

Contrast the busy view below in 1963,  from a press clipping of a photo by Basil King.

Peterson Hill 1963

The grade and alignment of the highway was altered to coincide with the opening of the Pattullo Bridge in 1937. (See “Our First Four-Lane Highway”)

However, the arrangement of utility poles has stayed the same, with the wires crossing from one side of the highway to the other ( in the first photo, three poles below the fruit stand.)

We are unable to make out the name of the roadside business, possibly “Murray’s Farm Produce.”

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