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Stained Glass Peace Arch at Victoria BC

November 2, 2014

Christ Church Cathedral Rose Window Peace Arch

Beneath a Gothic arch in Christ Church Cathedral at Victoria is a stained glass angel holding the Peace Arch.

It is one of six angels in a circle on the Rose Window at the west end of the church, the theme of which is Peace. 

According to Percy C. Bacon, creator of the window,

“The topmost Angel holds the Blaine Peace Arch, erected on the border between Canada and the United States to commemorate the 100 years of peace between these two countries.”


Victoria was the seat of the Bishopric of Columbia founded by Angela Burdett-Coutts of the Church of England in 1859.

Percy Bacon describes the creation of the Rose Window:


"The main theme of the window, and one on which the design is based, is ‘Peace,’ culminating in the centre opening, which contains the figure of Our Lord as the Prince of Peace, His right hand being raised in blessing, and a Dove alighting on his left hand, offering an olive branch. Immediately surrounding Him are six large Angels, bearing scrolls containing the names of the Twelve Apostles, the Ambassadors of Peace.”
. . .
”The window took many months to assemble before being dispatched for erection, and the glass used was the finest English antique, very carefully selected in regard to subtlety of colour, bearing in mind the height of the window (62 feet from ground level to the centre), and its position and lighting. It is impossible to estimate the number of pieces of glass, but these must certainly number tens of thousands; and when it is realized that these have to be cut separately, and that this cutting is only one of the various processes involved, it will give some idea of the vast amount of time and labour expended to produce a window of these enormous dimensions."


Our snap-shot above of the Peace Arch is very poor and we would like to link to a good close-up photo of this detail.

At right, the exterior of the western entrance to Christ Church, and a view of from inside of the Rose Window.

  Christ Church Cathedral - Victoria BC - west entrance Christ Church Cathedral - inside - Rose Window

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