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Mustard Sandwiches and Church Lemonade

February 5, 2015

We’d like to share an account come across lately regarding the origin of Peace Arch Park.

On January 14, 1886 the people of Surrey held a public meeting in response to a proposal by the citizens of Blaine, Washington to form an international park at the border. 


"It seems the people of the city of Blaine have secured a piece containing about twelve acres on the American side of the boundary line at the iron post, and it is desired to get a similar piece on the Canadian side of the line for the same purpose.

It is supposed to become a picnic ground for all future generations where the American Eagle and the British Lion can lie down together and waste sandwiches (three-quarters mustard) and church lemonade (one lemon to a barrel of water) to their entire satisfaction." 


Come now.

Such self-awareness, confidence and good humor does “from many a blunder free us.”

The motions of the people of Blaine and Surrey carried through successive layers of government and the result is Peace Arch Park.

Iron Post - 49th Parallel - Semiahmoo Bay

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