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Boat Builder George Isomura

July 11, 2015

George Isomura began building boats at South Westminster in May 1893. His workshop was located downstream from where the ferry Surrey landed, about where the Manson Canal empties into Fraser River now.  George Isomura - Japanese boatbuilder - South Westminster - 1893His advertisement read:

George Isomura – Japanese Boat Builder – One-fourth mile west of Ferry Landing, South Westminster. Fishing Boat, $30;  Columbia Boat, $1 per foot. All kinds of Boats and Oars Made to Order.

By 1899 George Isomura had relocated to Steveston, where he remained in business until about 1912.

Later Japanese boat builders listed at Brownsville included Torazo Mototsune, H., T., and Y. Suga and Y Tsuchimoto.

The mainstay of boat builders was the fishing industry,  however the burgeoning recreational market opened up new lines of business. row boat opposite new westminster

Right, a gentleman at the oars of a rowboat contemplates a  view across the placid Fraser to New Westminster.



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