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Burst Pipes Sank Brownsville Ferry

November 17, 2015

The sinking of the K de K ferry in 1888 reminds us that now is the time of year to turn off your outside water lines.

K d K - Fraser River ferry at Brownsville“The steamer K de K came to grief last night and now lies with her bottom on the bed of the Fraser river.
It appears that some time after the cold snap commenced one of the exhaust pipes filled with water, froze and finally burst.
When the weather moderated the pipe thawed and being below the water mark, the water ran in, and escaping through the leak soon filled the steamer and sank her.
The K de K now lies in a forlorn looking condition, her hull and upper works being almost submerged.
The water is high in the river at present and nothing can be done to restore the K de K to her former sphere of usefulness, but when the water subsides again it is expected she will be floated without much trouble.”

It was not more than a few tides before the ferry to Brownsville was successfully pulled high up on the beach at Front Street for repairs.
Damage from burst pipes is something of a rite of passage for every Canadian house-dweller.

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