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Whalley Lake

November 19, 2015

Local historian John Pearson once wrote a piece called “The Founding of Whalley and Whalley Lake,” that began:

“Any observant person visiting the Royal Kwantlen Park on Hjorth Road, may gaze out over the town of Whalley and notice that it lies largely on the slopes of a shallow basin, the rim of which uptilts to form low hill in all directions. With a little imagination it should not be too difficult to visualize a prehistoric lake filling this basin from the park toward the Highway Junction and Green Timbers.”


riding at anchor on Whalley Lake

Riding at Anchor on Whalley Lake

Highway Junction, also called “White House Corner,” was the junction of King George Highway and the Fraser Highway, where King George Station is now.

The “prehistoric lake” became the South Port Mann Bog, at the corner of 104 Avenue and King George Boulevard.

There still is a creek, shorter than it used to be, that flowed out from the old lake, draining away down to the Fraser River. On some maps it is called Barker Creek, after the owner of the El Bar goat ranch, more commonly known now as Bolivar Creek.

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