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Standard Warning Signs on British Columbia Highways, 1937

November 26, 2015

Standard Warning Signs - British Columbia Highways - 1936 “Standard Warning Signs” is a highway signage poster first published by the British Columbia Department of Public Works in 1936, and revised in January 1937, the year the Pattullo Bridge opened.

Of interest is that the STOP sign is black on yellow background.

All signs to have black borders and black letters or symbols.
All signs except No. 100 and checker-board to have yellow background (lemon-chrome).
No. 100 and checkerboard to have white background.”

The No. 100 sign, in black & white reads:

“Flanges or other projections attached to wheels – tracks PROHIBITED.”


The signs shown are not drawn to scale. The checkerboard sign measured 6 feet by 6 feet. You saw a lot of this sign well into the 1950’s when there were still a lot of unfinished roads.

Probably the most distinctive marker, particular to this region, is the “Logging” sign.


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