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The Trans-Provincial Highway

November 26, 2015

1926 - Trans-Provincial Highway in Lower MainlandThis 1926 map of arterial roads in “Vancouver and Vicinity” depicts the route of the Trans-Provincial Highway, from Vancouver along Kingsway to New Westminster, by Fraser River Bridge to South Westminster, thence along the route of the New Yale Road and Old Yale Road to Clayton (Fry’s Corner).

At this time the Yale Road over Clayton Hill was steep,with a 16% grade and unpaved.

The highway route is indicated following the concrete paved Pacific Highway to Cloverdale, thence eastward to Langley via the New McClellan Road.

From Langley eastward the highway route was the Yale Road.

Another portion of the 1926 British Columbia Highways map shows the route of the Trans-Provincial Highway in the Kootenays, to the Alberta border via the Crows Nest Pass.1926 - Trans-Provincial Highway to Crows Nest Pass

The Province of British Columbia worked more or less simultaneously on sections of three trans-provincial routes.

The first Trans-Provincial Highway became the Southern Trans-Provincial Highway.

When the Federal Government began contributing to the national highway project, it requested the province decide the route.

In 1932 the Central Trans-Provincial Highway was designated as the Trans-Canada Highway and thenceforth received federal funding.

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