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Every Man To His Own Professions – Brownsville Teacher and Doctor SB Peele

February 8, 2016
SIdney B Peele - New Westminster - Brownsville

SB Peele

Sidney B Peele was the Brownsville School teacher in 1903 and 1904.

Sidney Beresford Peele was born in 1885 at New Westminster, a son of Adolphus Peele, and the younger brother of Jeanette Peele of the previous post.

He was the source of much local pride for his academic achievements.

SB Peele resigned his position at Brownsville to attend university back east.

In 1907 his picture appeared on the front page of the Columbian with the announcement that he had won the first year scholarship in medicine at the University of Toronto. He was subsequently a gold medal prize winner at McGill.

Dr SB Peele returned to the west and practiced medicine in Vancouver. He died in 1956.

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