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Miners Burton Isom and Thomas Park

March 19, 2016

Of Thomas Forister’s four partners in the Kanaka Creek coal-mining venture, it appears two, Isom and Park,  were single men, of whom there is little information, and two were family men with large numbers of relations in the Fraser Valley. These two, Reid and Browne, each had sons who became well-regarded riverboat captains in British Columbia (See posts following).

Burton Isom

Burton Isom, of African-American origin, was living in Nanaimo in 1881, occupation “contractor.” He died in 1906 at the age of 73 in Kamloops. His birthplace was stated to be Missoula, Montana and his occupation “miner.”

Thomas Park

There was one Thomas Park included in the census of 1881, a single man, 53 years old, born in Bermuda of African ancestry. Park was living with H. Mills, Wm. Carter and CA Booth, all U.S.-born “Africans.”

They were among many attracted to the rich mines of the Cassiar region.

Thomas Park was a witness at Abraham Reid’s marriage to Florence Brousseau in 1867. See post following.

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