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We Signal Well!

August 27, 2016

In 1952, sixteen years after EJ Reeder began his Vancouver traffic survey, another Chicago traffic expert arrived in the city and declared that “slow-poke drivers” were the new scourge of the streets.

“They’re a menace,” said Ned Dearborn, head of the National Safety Council of the United States.

Dearborn recommended drivers keep up with the flow of traffic and that speed limits on roads such as Kingsway be raised to 40 mph.

“Putting 30-mile limits on arteries that can easily handle greater speeds only tends to make drivers disobey the law.”

Phil Gaglardi, British Columbia’s first Minister of Highways was appointed the same year and was perhaps the best example of Dearborn’s axiom. He was notorious for the number of speeding tickets he earned.

However, Ned Dearborn had some high praise for Canadian motorists in general: we’re “courteous,” we’re “cool,” and we “signal well.”

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