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Carbon Monoxide Killed “Happy Mac” at White House Service Station – Assistant Also Found Dead

January 9, 2017

On a Sunday morning in February 1935, “Happy Mac” MacLaren owner of the White House Gas Station, at South Port Mann corner on the Pacific Highway, and his assistant, Rudolf Sauer were killed by Carbon Monoxide poisoning from the exhaust of a gasoline-fueled electricity generator.1935-02-11-columbian-headline

The service station, located at what is now King George Station, opened in 1921 and was taken over by MacLaren in 1928. See earlier post “White House Service Station.”

The business was open 24 hours and the two men were resting inside. MacLaren was found on a bed and Sauer had fallen from a chair to the floor.

It is believed they succumbed sometime after midnight.
John Labinsky, a friend of Sauer, discovered them in the morning.

Andrew Alexander MacLaren, biilled as “Happy Mac” had operated the landmark service station for seven years. He was 75 years of age. His nearest relative was a daughter, Mrs Vernie May Schwab, living in Sarnia, Ontario.

Rudolf Sauer, 32, was a native of Germany. He had worked at the White House for only a few months, since moving from Gliddon, Saskatchewan.

The Coroner, Dr FD Sinclair deemed an inquest.was not necessary.
The two bodies were taken to Surrey Centre Cemetery for internment.

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