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Local Post Office research quick guide

A search of Library and Archives Canada database of Post Offices and Postmasters will provide the date of establishment of the local post office and the dates of service for each postmaster.

Search: Post Offices and Postmasters

The Reports of the Post Office Divisional Inspectors provide reports, correspondence, petitions, proposals and maps relating to local post offices and mail delivery contracts.

Typically you will get a letter of proposal to open a post office written by a local resident, perhaps accompanied by a petition of settlers, together with a recommendation by the inspector and a sketch map of the locality in relation to other post offices.

Post Office Department, Divisional Inspectors

These British Columbia bookmarks below are not complete, but will aid in navigating year by year.

7225 v1 1875-76

7226 v3 1880-82

7226 v5 1884-85

7227 v6 1885

7228 v10 1888

7228 v11 1889

7228 v12 1889-90

7228 v12 1890

7228 v13 1890

7229 v14 1891

7229 v15 1891

7229 v16 1891-92

7229 v17 1892

7230 v18 1892-93

7231 v22 1894

7232 v26 1895-96

7233 v30 1897

7233 v31 1897-98

7233 v32 1898-99

7233 v33 1899

7233 v46 1899

7234 v46 1899-1901

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